Weapon of Mass Destruction

This was one of the reasons that made Saddam Hussein be on the eye of America. America has such the power that it can wage war to any nation and no one can interfere with it as they need allies stronger than the US to defeat it. But as America has its own principles, he can set his own plan and execute it. From the beginning, there are people who favor the decision of the US but there is also the opposite. Why then has war happened?

One of the feared weapons that could be used is the weapons of mass destruction. since it was invented and used, its power was already known. It is a weapon that could destroy a nation and would send many people to fear their lives and suffer if affected. Countries fear each other because of the presence of the word war. When one stronger country would wage war against them then they could lose their freedom. That is why every country wants to have a more dangerous weapon than the other.

But what would happen if all countries will have this weapon and they will use it against each other? It was already presented that the result would be devastating. Not much would survive the war. Even if there are survivors, they would have to survive also the freezing temperature brought by the WMD. Plants and animals would also be dead and it is not easy to find food then. What then is the purpose of it all?