Reasons For War

There are various reasons why war happens.  There are many heads that could decide for the war to happen but it could be narrowed down in just one. the one who heads the whole nation. It is already known throughout history that war is part of the life of a nation. Most nations have been invaded and have gained their independence after years of battle. Others are not that lucky as they are still under the conquerors. But why do war happens?

Let us see some of the reasons as presented. One of the reason is for the economic gain. One country can invade another country when they cannot negotiate with them. They will just conquer them and will be able to get what they want. It has happened already in history. It is also connected to one reason which is to expand the territory of one nation. There could be treasures found in one place and so they are wanted. The other reason for war is because of religion.

Nationalism is also one reason with the purpose to prove that one country is higher than the other. An example is the war wage by Adolf Hitler to the Russians because they are Slavs. Another reason is for revenge and also retaliation. The revolutionary war is another type which would allow citizens to revolt against their own country or government. The civil war is done by one group to another group. You can also find the defensive type of war.