Facts illustration on the war on Iraq describe as avoidable war

by Dorothy

One of the wars that are still on the minds of people today is the Iraq war. It is a country with its own government but because of political reasons and others that were made at that time, it seems it is the best. It was then decided that Iraq was to be invaded and its leader the president be captured because of the crimes it has committed. But after the war, facts and other information arose. People now see a different side of the story.

The content of the infographic are facts regarding the war that was done. The world is wealthy with those amounts of money being spent on the war. There are many parts of the world where they do not have budgets for education or other sectors that need help. Even the economy of one country is not good, they can make effort to receive help from other countries when they are at war. Specially by this agency help 台胞證費用The sad news is that there are many citizens who are affected.

They had their own country but because of the war, they had to leave and become refugees. even at the place that they had gone, they could not be given enough of what they need. Children cannot attend schools and they have to think first of the place they will stay, the food they will eat and their safety. If you want to try travel here, have the security service of getting your china visa here 台胞證 台中. The peace had gone and they have to be strong so they could endure their situation and live.