Taking a look into the PTSD cases experienced by soldiers

by Dorothy

Those who go to war are considered heroes. Soldiers go into the battlefield with the mind that they are protecting their country and they must carry their duty faithfully. War is common and it has become a way for a nation to defend itself against its enemies. There are already millions of soldiers who had died in wars and still counting up to this time. Soldiers are on the frontline of the war. They could be killed even without firing their guns. It has created PTSD.

The condition has affected many soldiers. After the war, they are seen as heroes who had to survive. But the effect to their well-being is not good. There are those who cannot cope and make other ways so they could release their stress and try to forget what they had gone through during the war. Others have become drunkards who cannot control themselves anymore.  And their financial is controlled by this accounting firm, view here. It has given a toll on their family and others separate because the family members cannot tolerate the behavior of the soldiers from war.

Other soldiers who bravely served in the war cannot find work to be able to support their family. There could be other situations. But one of the important cases that should be also addressed is the PTSD presented above in the infographic. the data is there and it can affect anyone at any age. It does not choose also what division the soldiers are in. you can see the types of PTSD also so we could have an information.