Mixed Messages From Execution

A president of a nation was being executed for crimes he has made as claimed by those who made his execution possible. They did not allow any type of death penalty but hanging was chosen. It was at the moment that people saw him as one who is a criminal and he deserved to die. His punishment and just and many people cheered for his death. Standing true to his defense, the former president has accepted all this with dignity in him. He stands firm on what he has believed.

On the other hand, people and even the International Human Rights have called for his execution not to happen. It should not be hanging that would be imposed on him but it was just disregarded. Even the American lawyers who defended him said that it was not a trial following and recognizing the law but surpassing the law. The decision of hanging was done in haste as if they would want it to end so they could proceed with their plans.

Now, years after it happened, there are still two sides to the coin. One says he is guilty and the other says he is not. Even the former president Bush said he wished the execution would be more dignified as footage of the hanging circulated in the media. Would the killing of Saddam Hussein proper? For others, they pointed out that because he was removed as president that Iraq is now in turmoil and it should not have happened.